Travel Risks Management

OROBORUS®Group offer personalized service to coordinate national and international travels. A service dedicated to protecting the safety for business, tourism or meeting & convention attendances, designed to reduce and control any risks and unforeseen events. Also our tested network for the support directly any needs in the destination country, in case of long journeys. All travel planning procedures are in accordance with the characteristics of the single trip and the required / needs of the customer.

Travel Risks Management - Security Key Points:
• hazard assessment and personal vulnerabilities;
• operational information and laws of the destination country;
• liaison and contacts with the local police forces, embassies, government offices, etc.;
• methods analysis of transport / transfer;
• quality and strategic examinations / inspections of locations, routes, accommodation, etc..;
• strategy consulting of travel behavior and in case of danger;
• strategic risk prevention, crisis and emergency plans;
• support contract or integration of insurance policies and special measures;
• monitoring / satellite tracking of vehicles and people;
• customer service and support 24 h and security support on the spot;
• Hidden or uncovered security escort.