Serving people

Investigations commissioned by privates need lots of relational and understanding skills as well as professional ethics. Often, personal issues are loaded with emotional contents and are connected to people’s painful, complex life events. For this reason and given our deep respect for each person, we manage these activities with much dedication and attention.

OROBORUS® deals with any type of investigations, including searching for disappeared people and helping threaten, persecuted, stoked and blackmailed people.

We are particularly accustomed with issues related to couple legal separation and minor foster care. Moreover, we are well organized and skillful in providing surveillance and shadowing services. We offer deep knowledge for financial management strategies.

Forensic Psychology

Sometimes we are involved in cases where the investigation object is not always clear. In these cases we witness a predominance of feelings, human traits, psychological involvement. According to our values, OROBORUS® offers professional and qualified support to assess complex situations and is able to integrate effective investigative interventions to court litigations.