Mystery Client Services

It is a joint service with BusinessRisks®Strategies

Il Mistery Client is a practice used to ensure customer satisfaction, the application of corporate standards and the quality perceived by customers, "a tool to evaluate the services and products offered by a company from the point of view of the customer". Through the organization Mystery Client can detect and evaluate on an anonymous basis, by trained consumers, the quality of services, procedures, employee behavior, merchandising, product quality, etc.. Need to anyone with a brand, a product, service or idea that is disseminated through a sales network. Depending on the type of business and industry in which it is made , this tool takes different forms, different types of organizations and the activities of Mystery Client can be carried out:
• by directly observation at the point of sale,
• by telephone,
• surfing E-Commerce websites,
• with hidden cameras,
• talking to staff or other customers,
• using a checklist organized specifically for the needs of the customer,
• by covered Test Purchases of products and services.

Distribution net, Retailing, Shopping Centre and Outlets. Hotels and restaurants, accommodations, Spa and wellness centers, villages, tourist services. Clinics and medical studies. Showrooms and workshops, surveys of motorway service stations, rental agencies. Naval, air, rail transport services etc. Insurance, Banking and Postal. Industries. Services and public entities. Mystery call. Check stores. Customer satisfaction. Investigation and analysis of competitive and corporate climate.