Our mission

Supporting leaders, managers, professionals and private citizens in managing complex issues through efficient strategic investigations and intelligence performed with the highest level of ethics.

State of the art

Adding trust where is suspiciousness, giving strength where is vulnerability and providing certainty where is doubt.

OROBORUS® offers the best intelligence and investigating solutions to company frauds and court litigations, both civil and penal. Also, we build long-lasting, trust-based relationship with our clients.

OROBORUS® is managed by experienced professionals (over twenty years in the field) who have operated both at a national and international level with some of the most prestigious companies in the world.

Our Philosophy

The aspects of our work philosophy are: commitment to listening to gain a deep knowledge of specifications required by clients, which are our main objective and responsibility.

By observing and studying a complexity of a particular context, aware of the complexity of an issue, OROBORUS® stresses the importance of confidentiality, trust, integrity and ethics, and offers its own talent, skills, intelligence, sensitivity and experience.

This represents an approach aimed at clarifying complex issues and, quite often, at foreseeing problems.

OROBORUS® is an extremely flexible organization and uses its best practices to transform any experience in a sort of evolving structure, enriching skills with the purpose of offering ever more complete and updated services.

Some thoughts about investigation ethics

Investigations are often complex, especially when it comes to juridical and ethical stance. Ethics weighs in as we deepen in a complex issue, where variables are many. This is where human and professional aspects come handy and trace the path of our actions. Our main professional principles are:
Trust. We establish long-term relationships based on trust and respect with our clients. Trust and respect are the factors we measure our job success on.
Listening. We believe it’s impossible to truly understand our clients’ needs if we are judgmental and biased. We need to listen to our clients if we really want to know their needs.
Creativity. We think challenges represent and define our drive to understand and identify new ways to tackle problems, employing dedication, creativity and cleverness.
Solution orientation. “Each problem has its own solution”. Sometimes, solutions are hidden and our job is to look beyond appearances, focusing on best practices and traceable avenues.
Humility. We believe humility means staying in the right place with respect to clients, events and profession, always maintaining reliability and authenticity. When it comes to delivering services, we truly think clients are at the center.