Intellectual propriety protection

Intellectual propriety protection is an ever rising issue worldwide. Sophisticated and modern technologies are more and more accessible and allow to manufacture, almost perfectly, a great number of products ranging across all manufactured goods such as cloths, fashion accessories, food, drugs etc. Furthermore, companies have been experiencing a wide number of risks and vulnerabilities due to the new frontier of e-commerce.

OROBORUS® implements programs against piracy, counterfeit and parallel markets through an integrated system of auditing, intelligence, investigation and knowledge management, allowing managers to employ the best and most efficient strategic actions.

OROBORUS® collaborates with some of the most important organizations and law firms worldwide, both in Italy and abroad, carrying out special intelligence activities such as market monitor e Test Purchase (web surveillance with specialized computer science systems and legal purchasing tests aimed at buying counterfeit goods as support for legal trials). Product Expert for branded products, acting as Judge or Police auxiliary, during product confiscations performed with the local law enforcement authority and/or as custom assessor of suspected goods entering or transiting the country.

OROBORUS® has collaborated with anti-counterfeit and anti-piracy programs in both Italy and Switzerland to protect IP of some of the greatest corporations worldwide such as Hewlett-Packard, Samsung Electronics, Brother, Microsoft Corp.