Anti-Counterfeiting e Anti-Piracy

IP Support Program

 OROBORUS® coupled with its Risks unit, BusinessRisks® Strategies, implements specific programs tailored for company problems related to IP support. Following, are the fundamental steps of our program, which can vary according to the client’s needs.

Our strengths

• Excellent teamwork, synergy and better results while saving time and cost to the clients, thanks to the work of Investigators, Product Experts, Paralegals and attorneys, all "under one roof."
• High number of actions and strong pressure on fakers and their distribution network nationally and internationally.
• Immediate support and raids / seizures thanks to our close and tested cooperation with specialized police enforcements.
• Greater attention by customs: we maintain a close and fruitful relationship with the customs authorities. In addition we provide or cooperate cyclically information seminars and training aimed to teams of law enforcements, in order to raise the problem of counterfeiting and piracy, and better identify suspect goods.
• Expertise: as Court experts or nominated directly by police or as party expert, we can carry out witness activity about counterfeit products or technical accounting analysis to determine the damage during Court proceedings.