About the Group

OROBORUS®Group has been founded in Milan on 1996 as an consultants agency and niche market provider of Investigative Services and it aim to be a leader in the field through unique twenty-years long experience and skills obtained during the service as investigators, operatives and managers of the leading multinational companies.

Today OROBORUS®Group defends several well-famed companies in different commodity and product sectors and works together with renowned Patent Attorneys and Law Firms both in Italy and abroad. Thanks to our experience, the Group can quickly outline a targeted action strategy for any specific issue. OROBORUS® is complemented by high level professionals about accounting, information technology, psychology, economics and finance matters throughout Italy, Switzerland, Europe and the USA. We have the close collaboration of specialists in all criminal and civil law areas, including in particular family law, employment and Intellectual Property law.

OROBORUS® remains - by choice of its founder - a company that works with artisanal methods, allowing to apply to each case being dealt with passion, dedication, meticulous accuracy and great human sensitivity. This allowed us to build lasting relationships with our Clients based on trust, respect and esteem.

Marco Mennoia is founder and managing director of OROBORUS®Group and he is properly licensed to conduct investigationsin about civil and penal cases. After the studies in engineering and political science, and an MBA at Bocconi University, with over twenty years in the Investigations and Security field, he have operated both at a national and international level with some of the most prestigious investigations and consultancy companies in the world. You can check the profile on LinkedIn http://it.linkedin.com/pub/marco-mennoia/ for more information about the owner’s background and references. Further references will be provided upon request.

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Our goals, references and press release

On 2007 by Mr. John Batten, vice President EMEA Pinkerton Consulting & Investigation, the letter of appreciation about our «outstanding and valuable contribution to ongoing investigations in Italy on behalf of the Hewlett-Packard Anti-Counterfeiting Programme (Imaging and Print Group)» in order to have found the biggest quantity of CFT finish goods (ink-toners) in Italy. About this case it was involved also the following brands: Samsung, Canon, Brother, Lexmark, Olivetti etc. (value of seized around 40 million $). We have found also CFT goods design projects, printed flat packs ready for assembling, refilling cartridge machinery, fake security labels. All done with the precious help of Police of Milan.
Italian press realize here

Moreover on 2006, with our researchs, 3.5 million €uro value of CFT material was seized in Teramo with the assistance of Carabinieri. On 2009, with our investigations, 7 million €uro of CFT consumable material was seized in Rome with the support of local Police. In 2011 we contributed to the Guardia di Finanza (Tax Police) seizures of more than 10 million €uro, as results of our collaboration with investigations and raids in Campania, Lazio, Calabria, Marche and recently, 2012, in Borgomanero.

By Mr. Marco Lanfranchi, LaserJet & Enterprise Solution Director and Business Supply Manager HP on 30 Sept. 2011: “Marco Mennoia is a great professional always available and supportive with deep understanding of the market. It's easy deal with Marco and in long time of collaboration we reach good results, not reached before with other consultants. I recommend Marco because I believe that is the best professional in his job”.

Besides on 8 and 15 may 2011 we got in-depth interview on first page of Security special insert on Italian newspaper «LIBERO» and some Online interviews on numerous Italian Radio broadcasts.