Fraud Investigations

OROBORUS® works on intelligence, frauds and risk auditing activities both in Italy and abroad

Investigative Due Diligence

When we deal with activities, obtaining information allows to make the best decision e always gives us the right tool to act safely and properly

Civil and penal cases

OROBORUS® supports law firms with investigating and intelligence activities, gathering proof elements and offering strategic tools for civil and penal trials

Intellectual propriety protection

OROBORUS® implements programs against piracy, counterfeit and parallel markets

Anti-Counterfeiting e Anti-Piracy

OROBORUS® coupled with its Risks unit, BusinessRisks® Strategies, implements specific programs tailored for company problems related to IP support

Corporate Security Management

We assess company status to increase competitiveness, reduce operative risks, boost security and generate trust among stakeholders through promoting a new way of doing business, accounting for systemic issues, including ethical relationship and achieving success

Computer science security services and Computer Forensic

OROBORUS® implements programs to contrast web vulnerability and company computer network risk, employing a team of computer science experts that increases defense actions and decreases exposure issues

Serving people

OROBORUS® deals with any type of investigations, including searching for disappeared people and helping threaten, persecuted, stoked and blackmailed people

Building Integrity®

We can help our clients to solve all problems and realize their ideas by comprehensive and coordinated strategies.

Mistery Client

Il Mistery Client is a practice used to ensure customer satisfaction, the application of corporate standards and the quality perceived by customers, "a tool to evaluate the services and products offered by a company from the point of view of the customer".

Travel Risks Management

OROBORUS®Group offer personalized service to coordinate national and international travels.


As well as seminars and conferences, OROBORUS®‘s team organizes training programmes and internships at its offices so as to increase awareness amongst clients’ staff through actively encouraging them to protect and value IPRs and knows appropriate methods of protecting brands and trademarks and the fight against piracy and counterfeiting.